Advance Guard® Important Information

  • Job site storage – intended for interior use only – store off the ground and cover to protect from water and allow for ventilation.
  • During construction, if the wood should become wet, it should be allowed to dry before being covered or enclosed.
  • Do not burn pressure treated wood.
  • Wear dust mask and goggles when cutting or sanding wood.
  • Wear gloves when working with wood.
  • Do not use preserved wood as mulch.
  • Some preservative may migrate from the treated wood into soil/water or may dislodge from the treated wood surface upon contact with skin. Wash exposed skin areas thoroughly.
  • Fasteners and other hardware must be compliant with building codes.
  • Projects should be designed and installed in accordance with federal, provincial, and local building codes and ordinances governing construction in your area.
  • Residential users may dispose of treated wood scraps and cut offs by ordinary trash collection or burial. Commercial and industrial users of treated wood should dispose of treated wood scraps and cut offs in accordance with local, provincial and federal regulations.
  • When products are used in weather protected exterior applications (such as fascia board), it is recommended that the product be continuously protected from direct wetting with a minimum of one coat primer and two coats exterior finish paint/sealer. Always check the label of the finishing product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. During construction, if the wood should become wet it should be allowed to dry before finishing. Apply finishing product to a small exposed test area of your project before finishing the entire project to insure it provides the intended result before proceeding.
  • Mold growth can and does occur on the surface of many products, including untreated and treated wood, during prolonged surface exposure to excessive moisture conditions. To remove mold from the treated wood surface, wood should be allowed to dry. Typically, mild soap and water can be used to remove remaining surface mold.
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