Advance Guard® Application Information


  • Borate pressure treated wood and plywood should be stored off the ground and covered to protect from water and allow for ventilation.

  • During construction, if the wood should become wet, it should be allowed to dry before being covered or enclosed.

  • All field cuts and borings, including plumbing and electrical holes, in borate pressure treated lumber and timbers over 2” in thickness must be field treated with either a 2% solution (copper metal basis) of Copper Naphthenate or a 10% solution of Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT).

  • Use industry accepted good construction practices for the construction of all wood member assemblies.

  • Construction should meet or exceed provincial and local building codes and standards.

  • Comply with local, provincial, and federal safety regulations when installing framing and sheathing.








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